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What Is A Positive Equity System?

A Positive Equity System is one that maintains a positive floating P/L 99% of the time, leaving drawdowns as a thing of the past.

The concept is simple really, we close the losers early, and ride the winners to the end taking partial profits along the way. With Trend Surfer, you will get to a point where your account is constantly maintaining a positive floating P/L (open trades). Once your losers are closed out and the winners have started to build, you have no where to go but up.


Money Manager - A slow reliable money management system as your equity grows, so will your trades. Decide if you want to control the lot size, or let the money manager do it for you.

  Partial Profits - Why wait for a trade to reach a take profit when we can extract profits from it a long the way for safety and let the initial trade continue to grow. This feature can be turned on or off and be changed to decide how much you want to partially take off.

ECN - Trading on an ECN broker? No problem! Trend Surfer supports it.

Hidden Stop Loss - Want to keep valuable information from your broker? We can help you with that ;)

Mass Close - Define a percentage of profit in open trades where if reached, all open trades will close at that profit percentage.

Message Reporting - Get feedback directly on your charts notifying you of problems like too high of risk, spreads widening, trades closing and more with time stamps.

Trend Indication - Show the current trend right on your chart based on Trend Surfers calculation and algorithm.