Frequently Asked Questions

Is Trend Surfer hard to use? I'm not that great with computers...

With the included detailed installation and usage instructions, there is really no way for you to get lost some where down the line. It really is just plug-in-play style trading, once setup it will be 100% hands free. Setup takes 5-10 minutes tops!

Does it need to be run 24/7? What if I can't keep my computer running those type of hours?

Forex market opens Sunday evening (New York Time) and close Friday Evening. It is highly recommended to leave Trend Surfer trading during that entire time period. If this is not possible from your home computer/laptop, we highly recommend getting a VPS (Virtual Private Server). It is just a remote windows computer you connect to, load up your Metatrader 4 running Trend Surfer, and leave it. This computer runs 24/7 in a secure reliable data center so you have nothing to worry about. You can remotely connect to you VPS from any computer very easily and control everything you want.

You can get a specialized forex VPS for as low as $20 a month from Ultra Hosting Here

How often are updates available? Will I have to pay for them?

Updates will be released when required. With this style of trading, and update is normally not required very often unless adding new features. Trend Surfer has been extensively tested for close to half a year so all the bugs have been worked out so you won't be buying a flawed system.

What's the minimum account size with the basic and full package?

The basic version runs 6 currency pairs max, and the recommended account size would be atleast a $1000 micro account.

The full version will require more equity or lower risk settings to accommadate more currency pairs. For 10+ currency pairs we recommend a minimum of $4000-$5000.

What's the recommended timeframe?

H1 is the recommended timeframe.

What currency pairs does it support?

The basic version will trade 6 majors, while the full package will support virtually all currency pairs out there. Check the packages page for more details on this.

What's the refund policy?

We offer a 60-day no questions asked money back guarantee with Forex Trend Surfer. E-mail us within those 60 days if you are not satisfied and we can try to figure out why, or just issue your refund. We like to hear why you are refunding so we can improve our product for the future.

What is the trading frequency like?

With the basic version, it may take a day or two to see your first couple of trades, with the full package you can expect a few trades almost immediately if you are trading 10+ currency pairs. Within a couple days you should have a trade on just about every currency pair. Note that only one trade per currency pair will ever be opened.

What brokers do you recommend for Trend Surfer?

IamFX or FX Open are two solid off-shore brokers to consider. Some USA based brokers to check out would be or Alpari US.

Is Trend Surfer NFA compatible?

Yes it is!

Is this a one time payment or a monthly service fee?

One Time Payment :)